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The Significance Of Body Composition Analyzer

In general, to determine a person is based on height and weight calculation of obesity, but to accurately determine the degree of obesity must know the content of adipose tissue, but the determination of body fat is not an easy task.

Body composition analyzer, which can measure the amount of body fat within a minute to analyze the body of water, protein, fat, inorganic proportion. With it, we can easily measure body fat and provide vital information for healthy living.

Human body composition analyzer is not a diagnosis of specific disease equipment, but can be found in some important diagnostic methods of chronic diseases, its use can be divided into two aspects:

1, diagnostic and prevention functions. Diagnostic and prevention functions can be used for physical examination at any time, such as routine physical examination. Because cardiovascular disease is closely related to obesity, so in the daily life experience the body composition analyzer can always remind you about the risk of cardiovascular disease. Body composition analyzer is a useful instrument for anyone, if you accidentally found a physical edema, may suggest that you do heart, kidney function check. If your inorganic content is low, it is best to check whether there is osteoporosis.

2, to monitor the function of human body changes. Can be used for obesity treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy, before and after physical exercise, nutritional therapy in the determination of changes in body composition, especially fat and muscle changes. In addition, the Department of Nephrology can use this instrument to determine the body of water changes, for the edema of patients of great significance.

Human body composition analyzer is the application of segment bioelectrical impedance analysis method, can accurately measure the different parts of the body (right upper limb, left upper limb, trunk, right lower limb, left lower limb) impedance value, to calculate the body composition. In the assessment must consider five factors: height, weight, age, sex, electrical impedance, the method by the US National Institutes of Health authorized scientists agree. 8-point contact electrode measurement method can measure the resistance of the voltage and current separation, reducing the measurement error, improve the accuracy of the measurement results. The method of measuring the body composition analyzer is simple: the hands of the hands holding the hands of the electrode, the thumb refers to the light pressure on the electrode; people barefoot standing on the base of the foot electrode, that heel pedal in the base of the circular electrode, soles Pressed on the front oval electrode; static for about 40-60 seconds to complete all the measurements.

The human body is composed of water, protein, fat, inorganic four components, the normal proportion is: water accounted for 55%, protein accounted for 20%, body fat accounted for 20%, inorganic matter accounted for 5%. The balance of human components is the most basic condition for maintaining a healthy state. Sinai's body composition analyzer

The bioelectrical impedance method used to determine the composition of human body is fast, simple, accurate, non-invasive, risk-free advantages, has now become the world's preferred method of choice.

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