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The Main Work Of The Step Tester Is For Measuring

The instrument is a kind of instrument that can measure the surface morphology of the contact. In general, the contact person may have less contact with the step instrument. But for the vibration isolator, the printer, the computer and so on, the Step Tester can be said to be And its closely related to an instrument, let Xiaobian to give you a detailed description of the working principle of the steps and the characteristics of it!

The working principle of the Step Tester

The main work of the staircase is for measuring, the main principle is that when the stylus in the measured surface of the object gently slide, the contact surface of the small peak and valley will let the stylus in the taxi while doing Some up and down movement. So we can easily imagine that the movement of the stylus to a certain extent, also reflects the surface profile of the situation. And when the sensor output signal through the measured bridge, the output signal and the balance of the balance of the stylus is proportional to the moment, the amplitude modulation signal also appears, after amplification and rectification, the displacement signal from the amplitude modulation signal demodulation Came out, the signal becomes relatively slow, it can be read out in the controller. With the noise filter and the wave of the filter will be the modulation frequency and external interference signal and other factors for further filtering, the impact of the error will be reduced.

What are the types of steps?

Step Tester is also known as the Step Tester, because of its internal existence of a different style of the sensor, so people on the Step Tester classification, but also used to use the sensor to different classification, according to the different sensors, the Step Tester is generally divided For the inductive, piezoelectric and photoelectric step instrument. Among them, the inductive Step Tester measurement of the highest accuracy, but the corresponding circuit processing slightly complicated. The piezoelectric Step Tester its highest sensitivity, the structure is relatively simple. The photoelectric Step Tester is a relatively new form of a measuring instrument.

What are the characteristics of the staircase instrument?

Step Tester not only the measurement accuracy is very high, and the range is also large, so the measurement results can be said to be very stable, but also has a very considerable repeatability, but because the side head and the measured pieces can not avoid yo ah contact with each other , The side of the step instrument is easy to deformation of the head, which also led to the use of a period of time after the instrument will decline in accuracy. Since the hardness of the side head is very high, it does not apply to the measurement of precision parts and soft surfaces.

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