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The Body Composition Analyzer Consists Of Several Parts

Human body composition analyzer professional software system consists of several parts:

1 * professional tester host (standard)

2 * professional consulting management software (standard)

3 * computer (optional)

4 * color printer A / B machine (standard)

5 * Ultrasonic Body (optional)

6 * Ankle electrode (optional)

Human Body Composition Analyzer: An item that is considered an epoch-making health industry: Weight Loss Health Advisory Management System is your health advisor, which provides independent health analysis data for each tester.

BIA bio-impedance detection technology used at home and abroad, as well as the different production, consider the different factors, the main reference factors are weight, gender, height, age, impedance.

Based on the new DXA method, measure the body composition: body fat, body weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat mass and other health indicators, effectively indicating the health of the guests.

On the basis of DXA, the DSM method becomes a simpler and more direct method for measuring body composition, and 98% similarity is obtained by using the two measurement methods.

Can measure the trunk of the overall data and upper limb, lower limb data, using segmental analysis, accurate and effective measurement; which human body composition analyzer high-end body composition analyzer products can measure the body's visceral fat. Other companies to measure the accuracy is not high, which is recognized by the majority of customers.

Through the body composition analyzer professional software system, you can find a track for the improvement of physical condition, so as to develop a new diet and exercise program. And this new health management system will automatically provide guests with advice and knowledge on the basis of the user's physical analysis data. The system provides the interface with the computer connection, the user can also cooperate with the professional diet, health care system to provide guests with thoughtful service.

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