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Step Tester Procedure

1.1 Step Tester can be used to measure the contour, step height, film thickness, for the control of a variety of film growth process, is the physical, surface, materials, optoelectronic devices, semiconductor devices, thin film technology, thick film process, Characterization method.

1.2 Function: step height test, surface roughness calculation, application: a variety of sizes of film samples can be tested.

2. Scope of the new R & D center laboratory 3. Responsible laboratory equipment responsible person, responsible for the use of equipment and routine maintenance and inspection and fill in equipment records.

4. Operation flow 4.1 Turn on the computer, turn on the Step Tester power, wait 10 seconds to open the operating software.

4.2 Open the Step Tester cover and carefully place the sample.

4.3 Click Engage to observe the location of the sample and the probe.

4.4 Click Z + to raise the probe and place the sample in place.

4.5 Click Scan to scan.

4.6 Analyze the data.

4.7 Click Z + to raise the probe to the top.

4.8 Remove the sample and close the protective cover.

4.9 Turn off the operating software, turn off the Step Tester power, turn off the computer.

5. Precautions 5.1 The samples to be tested are subject to strict sample registration, testing, recording procedures, unknown samples shall not be tested. 5.2 Before the test, wash the surface of the sample with the earburn, dust and other things from the sample surface clean, to ensure the cleanliness of the sample; purge, wash ear tip can not touch the sample surface to prevent damage to the sample. 5.3 Turn on the power, turn on the computer power button, monitor button, Step Tester power button, wait for a certain time (about 10 seconds), after the data information is turned on, the computer desktop operating software XP open, Open the software for testing.

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