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School Physical Examination Height & Weight Scale

School physical examination Height & Weight Scale is used to measure people's weight and height, and now our Division of this Height & Weight Scale have been exported to all parts of the country, and loved by the majority of users, if you want to know more about Height & Weight Scale information welcome to come to our consulting.

Height & Weight Scale main features:

1, automatic measurement, ultrasonic measurement of height (no touch type), precision sensor to measure body weight,

2, the instrument is rich in functionality, simple operation, the design of wireless remote control and manual measurement mode,

3, the detection data digital (LED) display, intuitive and clear,

4, the language automatically report the test results,

5, serial data transmission function (RS232), so that the computer can be connected with the measurement at any time to grasp the situation, easy data processing,

6, specially designed calibration procedures to make the instrument calibration operation is very easy,

7, high-speed thermal printing, the computer automatically calculate the body weight index (BMI),

Height & Weight Scale technical indicators:

Measuring range: Weight: 0-140kg

Resolution: 0,1kg

Height: 80-200cm

Resolution: 0,1cm

Measurement accuracy: Weight: III grade called ± 0,1kg

Height: ± 0,5cm

Weight: ≤ 36kg

Body height: 240cm

Operating voltage: AC160-250v

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