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Health Management Industry Still Needs Specification

Although health-management industry is developing fast, and has a lot of capital into, but She Jing, health management industry still faces many problems. Contents and scope of health management needs to be clear; the health management system is not perfect; serious shortage of health professionals; technical standards and industry norms lack health services; health management system service model and related industries are still exploring; health care technologies and products do not meet health needs assessments, evaluation of the effect of health management services is still needed.

For future health management industry should how development, She Jing proposed six points recommends, first, set big health of concept, health is Government of responsibility, is social of responsibility; second, promoted health management subject of development; third, perfect health management service mode; IV, further specification health management industry, including developed health industry management standard, and service technology specification, and quality control, and assessment standard; v, training health management professional talent team, upgrade professional level, and improve service capacity; last, Establish and promote the healthy and desirable product.

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