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Health Management

Health management in the late 1950 of the 20th century, first in the United States put forward the concept of (Managed Care), its core health insurance coverage through their health insurance customers (including disease or in patients with high-risk groups) health management system, effectively control disease or development, significantly reducing the probability of danger, and actual medical expenditures, thereby aiming at reducing loss of medical insurance. United States first health management (Managed Care) concept also includes health insurance and most affordable prescription agreement between medical institutions, medical insurance to ensure customers can enjoy lower health-care costs, so as to reduce the burden of health insurance companies to pay.

As your actual business growing and development, gradually developed into a specialized system of health management programs and operations, and begin to appear different from traditional professional medical institutions such as hospitals and health management company, and as a third-party service and health insurance bodies or directly to individual needs, provides a system of professional health management services.

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