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Domestic Body Composition Analyzer Is The Rise Of The Trend

Recently, in the National Convention Center held a grand ChinaFIT fitness conference. In addition to the conference held dozens of academic conferences, the exhibition hall of the products, equipment is Ling Lang everywhere. In addition to a variety of fitness equipment, health food, physical examination equipment such as body composition analyzer is also quietly appear in the show. This time a total of five companies exhibited the body composition analyzer, the exhibition in Beijing Donghua original and other domestic industry outstanding enterprises have introduced independent research and development of new products.

In the eyes of many people, the import means that the high-end atmosphere on the grade, foreign monks will chanting, the import is better than domestic, no matter what kind of product, as long as the name of the import, the price will be able to upgrade a grade, Will be able to go to the next level. actually not. It is undeniable that China's technological level has lagged behind other countries, resulting in some high-tech products we can not produce their own, but now our level of scientific research has made great progress, domestic equipment has been completely inferior to imports. And domestic products with low prices, designed for people, after-sales service and other advantages.

In this exhibition, Beijing Donghua original body composition analyzer, fully demonstrated the strength of domestic brands, whether it is from the traffic, sign the amount of consultation or product performance, technology content and other aspects are beyond the Bays Times and other companies, our national brand Donghua original, to create quality products, the creation of a century for the purpose of the Foundation for the health of all efforts and struggle.

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