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Body Fat

Body Fat

A body fat percentage chart is a great tool for more than just an indication of your health and nutrition status. However, a body fat chart won't tell you how to measure yourself in order to use the chart. Knowing your body fat percentage is the single most important bit of information you need in order to attain the best physical condition for your age. Armed with your true body fat percentage you will know how to exercise properly in order to succeed in your goals - whatever they may be to you.

If you'd like further discussion on body fat, please refer to Body Analysis where you will find a great deal of information. Here, we want to simply present reference charts.

Look at the body fat charts to the right. Find your age range then follow that line across. You will quickly see what range you are in and where you need to be in order to attain your desired category.

As you review the numbers from the charts remember that this information is based upon scientific studies. If you are unhappy with the results you find, Contact Us so that we can help you attain your personal goals.

Body Fat Calculator

Calculating body fat is not a simple procedure. The least expensive method is not the most accurate, but neither is it the least accurate. The most accurate body fat measurement is rather expensive and not easy to locate - the "dunk tank". Usually your local hospital will have this available. This method is a matter of placing your body in a large tank of water to measure the water displacement. The least expensive method is using a skin caliper. Most health clubs have someone who is fairly adept at measuring your body fat with a skin caliper. However, there is a large margin of error depending upon the person testing.

In order to provide a method here with our charts and calculators we had to find something that is as accurate as the skin caliper and is easier to use. The body fat calculator you see below will provide you with a measurement that is great for the general public.

In order to calculate you must select either inches or centimeters and input your numbers accordingly. Your height may not be a combination of feet and inches. You may use a decimal number. Your waist measurement should be taken using a cloth measuring tape and placed around your body about level with your belly button (more accurately would be just over the top of your pelvis bone).

If you are now or have done some body building, your results may be 3% to 11% over your actual body fat percentage depending on your physical fitness level.

Percentage Fitness Rating


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