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Body Composition Analyzer Provide Important Data For Diagnosis And Treatment

Body Composition Analyzer The body consists of moisture, protein, fat and minerals, these four substances are composed of the body is the basic ingredients, the balance between them is very important to our health. Human component analysis is to quantify and measure these components. Such as the determination of protein, body composition is measured the sum of the whole body protein. Different from the serum protein, protein is the main component of muscle composition, response to the body's nutritional status, physical development and health.
Body Composition Analyzer In the past, the diagnosis of obesity relied on the appearance we saw, without taking into account the balance between moisture, protein, fat and minerals. Through the BMI, body fat percentage, waist and hip ratio and visceral fat area and other data can accurately diagnose obesity. The key to obesity is not simply overweight, Body Composition Analyzer the most important is the balance of muscle and fat in the body. According to the recommendations provided by the body composition, the test results will be divided, faster and easier to understand the overall situation.
At present, the city center hospital clinical nutrition room and health management center in cooperation with the application of human Body Composition Analyzer for the majority of the hospital to provide a friend to provide nutritional status guidance, at the same time with the clinical departments have established cooperative relations, is now the Department of Internal Medicine, endocrinology, Blood purification room and other departments of the patients were nutrition-related checks for clinical treatment to provide effective nutritional support for patients with detailed nutrition knowledge guidance,Body Composition Analyzer especially for dialysis patients to fully monitor the physical condition, to assist in the evaluation of dry weight, For the clinical diagnosis and treatment work provides important data.

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