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Target Body Fat Calculation

1. Client's weight in lb 135 lb
2. Body fat measurement 28%
3. Fat weight (135 lb X 28%) 38 lb
4. Lean body weight (135 X 72%) 97 lb
5. Desired body fat % & lean body % 24% fat & 76% lean body weight
6. Desired weight (97 lb ÷ .76) 128 lb
7. Fat lb to lose 7 lb

This information is particularly valuable if a client is going on a weight loss diet. Oftentimes diets will result in loss of mostly lean body tissue and water. By tracking a client's body fat you can closely monitor what body composition changes are actually happening. Just knowing how many pounds a person has lost is insufficient. The goal of any weight control program is going to involve adjusting a person's exercise and dietary habits to reach that ideal percentage of body fat.

Body composition is an integral component of total health and physical fitness. As health/fitness practitioners, we need to educate the general population about the desirable degree of fatness and how to obtain it. By lessening obesity in our society, we will also have a positive impact in reducing the risk of a number of diseases including coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and musculo-skeletal problems. Body composition evaluation should be included as a fundamental aspect of all physical fitness appraisals. It's time we started promoting leanness, not thinness, to enhance lifetime physical and mental well-being for our clients.

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