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Human Body Compsotition Analyzer

Basic Info


For Sports and Fitness

As we know, the key to weight loss is to reduce body fat.Therefore it is essential to have body fat measured.Actually, it is both important to analyze body composition whether for weight loss or for fitness.In addition to total body fat and BMI, we also need to analyze the visceral fat, skeletal muscle, total body water, bone mineral content and basal metabolism and so on.Bodecoder may become your private fitness consultant and weight loss master.

For Physical Health
More and more people have realized disease prevention is the key to health, and the body composition balance is the foundation for it.To keep the rate of body fat, muscle, bone, especially body water within reasonable bounds will help you to coordinate various functions of your body.It also helps us to optimize our diet, exercise program and to get rid of bad living habits by providing us specific target.

For Slimming and Beautycare
Lots of women rely on cosmetics to keep skin moist, without noticing their body may suffer from thirst.In fact, skin contains most of body water.In other words, skin may not appear dry and dull unless it is suffering from lack of water.The key factors for human to maintain body water or flexible skin lie in the body fat content and muscle content.So in order to be beautiful and healthy, the secret lies in keeping body composition in balance.

For  Adolescent Obesity Monitoring
The number of fat cells increases before age 18, but the number stops changing after age 18 and only its volume grows.Therefore, adolescents need proficient nutrition to satisfy body development and at the same time need to control the number of fat cells, otherwise they may suffer from obese gene for the rest of their lives.The best way to do so is to keep their body fat rate to a normal level, for it is harmful whether the rate is too high or too low.Likewise, in order to help children keep vibrant, other body content should also be in a balance, such as muscle, body water, bone minerals content etc.

3.Weight loss center
4.Fitness center
5.Beauty parlor
6.Club & chamber
7.Schools and colleges
8.National physical fitness monitoring organizations

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