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DO YOU KNOW...your brain requires a minimum of 1,000 Calories daily just to function properly?!! If you are eating as the "average" person, less than 1,500 calories daily, your body is starving.

Starving your body causes your body to "store" most of what you eat. Your body only knows how to store by creating fat. So, eating too little daily makes you fat - faster than if you were "over"-eating.

Let's say you need to eat 2,400 Calories daily. In 7 days you need 16,800 Calories.

Each day you consume 1,600 Calories because...you are a typical person who thinks they eat more than they actually eat daily. So, in 7 days you consume 11,200 Calories.

You needed 16,800 but only consumed 11,200. That means you have a deficit of 5,600.

Also because you're like most people and you've listened to all the wrong information for so many years, you think that week of eating 11,200 Calories was really good and you'll certainly see your close fitting looser soon.


What you did was tell your body, all week, that you are not going to feed it the amount it requires.

So, your body "stores" most of what you eat - regardless of how healthy the food you eat, your body will store. The only thing your body "stores" is fat. Muscle is not storage. Muscle is created by eating healthy and applying appropriate resistance with a quality routine.

If you are eating too little your body stores most everything, meaning you will gain more fat more quickly than if you were simply over-eating. There is no way to calculate how fast you gain fat by starving your body, but it's significantly faster than eating too much and gaining fat.

Let's consider what could happen if you ate too much.

Using the above daily Calorie mandate of 2,400 Calories daily for your body, let's say you ate 2,858 calories a day for a week. We know that in a week you were only supposed to eat 16,800 calories. But in this scenario you ate 20,000 calories for the week. This equals 3,206 calories more for 1 week than you were required to eat. Therefore, you would have gained 1 pound of fat. Here is what happened:

  • 2,400 calories daily required

  • 2,858 calories daily you consumed

  • 16,800 calories per week required

  • 20,006 calories per week consumed

  • 20,006 - 16,800 = 3,206 OVER what your body required for the week

  • 1 pound of fat gained as a result - in 1 week

At this rate you would have gained 4 pounds of fat in the average month, or 48 pounds of fat in a year. Getting fat doesn't happen in a week or a month. You spend years getting to that point at which you finally draw the line and tell yourself you need to "get in shape". BUT...overeating is NOT the problem with most people carrying more "fat" than is healthy.

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